Review of: Blood Song: Book one of Raven’s Shadow

At the moment I read a book called Blood Song: Book one of Raven’s Shadow written by Anthony Ryan.

It is about a boy who gets sent to the Sixth Order of the Realm, which is the guild of the fighters and warriors. I am only half way through it but I got hooked on the story after the first pages. So far it is a really good written story that takes place in a fantasy world in which the reader follows the adventures of the young boy Vealin Al Sorna.

The plot so far reminds me a bit of Patrick RothufssName of the Wind: The story starts at what seems to be it’s end. The grown up Vaelin is caught by enemy troops and is to be judged by the emperor of another realm. Luckily a historian is aboard the ship on which the prisoner is meant to be shipped to meet his fate. And as he starts to tell the story of his life the historian writes it down. The reads experiences the story as a look into the past by which he gets to know Vaelin better, so does the historian too.

At the beginning the reader gets to know how Vaelin came to the Sixth Order, a place like Hogwarts but without magic, instead it’s full of exercising fighting skills and a lot of pain. Here the story really starts to evolve in front of the reader and I was hardly able to lay it on the shelf and go to sleep. The reader is going to see, or better read, how Vaelin Al Sorna becomes a warrior and meets his friends.

Even though I recognized similarities with other books the way the story’s told it creates it’s own world and let the reader become part of it. I definitely am going to read the second book as well. And I am looking forward to the German edition so I have a great gift in hand when I need some for Christmas and other occasions.

Title: Blood Song: Book one of the Raven’s Shadow

ISBN: 978-0-356-50248-9

Blood Song


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