20 day to go till Tough Mudder

It is September the 8th, this means 20 days to go till the Tough Mudder in Wassertrüdingen.

So far I didn’t lose any weight though I got quite fit again in the last month’s time. I can run 10 km without feeling like breaking again. So I assume I am up on my fitness-level before I got a lazy butt.

I had to adjust my training plan a bit so I am now doing weight lifting on Fridays instead of Thursdays. 4 days of training in a row didn’t work out for me. I decided it would be better to rest on Thursday instead of Friday. I am capable of working out harder after one day off.

I’ll try to make a video of the Hot Iron course and maybe I’ll be able to take a camera for running as well so you can get an impression of what I am talking about when I write about my work outs.


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