Movember 2014


Hi guys, this month my project concerns the Movember-Movement. Movember is an fundraising project which aims to bring more awareness to men’s health especially to prostate cancer and other male cancers.

So every year since 2004, the Movember Foundation runs the Movember-Event. In short: every participating man shaves his face on the 1st of November and the starts to grow and cultivate himself a moustache.

People can place donations to those participating. And all the funds raised are used for the purpose of men’s health awareness. Read the Wikipedia article to find out more or go to

So I decided it may be a good thing to participate for the first time this year. I already placed a little donation myself on me and so did my girlfriend. I would be pleased if you would place a little donation on me or any other participant at Movember.

You would like to participate yourself? Nothing easier than that. Just got to and create an account. And you are already participating. Shave your complete face on the first of November and start growing your moustache.

It may look ridiculous and hilarious but always have in mind it is for good purpose.

My problem is that I do not have a lot to grow as I never had much of a beard so after one week it looks more like I have forgotten to shave that upper lip part on my last shave. But hopefully by the end of Movember I’ll have a cool Magnum-Memorial-Moustache!

If you liked my article and you like the idea of improving men’s health awareness I would be pleased if you would place a donation on my account:

I also would like to know what kind of moustache you would go for? To check out the different options have a look at


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