Blood Song – German Edition Published Today

Great book in English language. For what I read in German so far it can’t keep up. Though still a good story.

I’m very pleased to report that the German language edition of Blood Song – Das Lied des Blutes – is published today by Hobbit Presse in hardcover, ebook and audio formats. Details and sample here for any German speakers:

Or you can go to the page:

Thanks to my German translators, Hannes Riffel and Sara Riffel, and to everyone at Hobbit Presse for all their hard work in making this happen.

Blood Song German cover

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Project-Peter: First year challenge

Yesterday I turned 34 though I do not have the feeling of anxiety when I think about getting older I wondered what to do after the Though Mudder event. So far I stick to my training schedule in order to survive this contest. But what then? What’s going to happen afterwards?

Maybe I’ll become lazy again, eating pizza every evening and stop doing sports. So that would be project heart attack and I am not aiming for that one.

Instead I raise a new one year project for my body, health and soul. A project is defined by a start and an defined end. So I’ll start yesterday and end the project the day I turn 35. After I figured that out the next step is a bit more tricky.

The aim of the project?!

Well that could be anything from what I mentioned above. Doing the best you can for your body, health and soul could mean anything and nothing. I need to specify the objectives a bit better. One way to do so is to put your aims into sentences.

The body:

In one year I’ll look at myself in the mirror and actually like what I see when only wearing shorts. – Still not good enough you think? Well then what about this: The day I turn 35 I’ll be in the shape of my life. Having build up more muscle, lost a ridiculous amount of belly fat together with my love handles and just feel good looking!

I do not set myself a weight I’d like to achieve because everyone should know by now that body weight is not a measurement for sexiness or health. Muscles are heavier than fat, means that 1 Kg of muscles takes less space than 1 Kg of fat!

Don’t believe? Watch this: Pinterest

Well I know “feeling sexy” isn’t something that you can count or measure so this is probably a fairly personal opinion when I look at myself next year. But I think I will know whether I succeeded or not the moment I take a glimpse.

The health:

Well for that one I may have to visit a doctor soon and get all these tests done and check on my blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

But I will eat mostly healthy stuff. I won’t stick to a low carb or ketone diet as I’ve already been there and couldn’t stand it. I mean it sounds great at the start to eat a lot of protein and/or fat but no carbohydrates? Honestly if you can’t eat spaghetti or a pizza without feeling like you dumped everything you where working for the whole week this sets up far too much pressure on your mind. But when you eat stuff like that look that it is as nutritious as possible without unnecessary calories.

So: When I turn 35 and have all the doctoral health tests done I want the doctor to say somewhat like: You have heart of a 25 year old or your cholesterol is like the one of a fresh born child… You know just want to see the doctor telling me I am ready for the next 35 years and a hundred more.

The soul:

Well that’s probably the most tricky one and I am not sure whether I am able to accomplish this. I do not lie to myself and tell me that in one year I’ll be running around with the sun shining out my b..t! But I do want to be more calm and settled. And to achieve so I will have to make some changes to the way my life is now. I want to become a happy and balanced person, living the life I always wanted to have. I am not sure how best to proceed here but I already found some blogs to help me find out.

As I do not know how or even whether I am able to become satisfied with the way I live my life I’ll turn it around and define my target therefore like this: In one year I will not be bursting out in anger every time something is not going the way I want it to be. In one year I won’t have to depend on an employer to buy me the financial freedom I need to live my life. In one year time with what I make my living will not feel like work because I literally love what I do by then.


After writing all these stuff it kind of scares me to see what’s going to happen this year. But I’ll do what I can to make it happen. All through this year I’ll write about what worked out well and what mistakes I made on my way to freedom.

You’re welcome to join me, to follow my steps to read, learn and give advice.

20 day to go till Tough Mudder

It is September the 8th, this means 20 days to go till the Tough Mudder in Wassertrüdingen.

So far I didn’t lose any weight though I got quite fit again in the last month’s time. I can run 10 km without feeling like breaking again. So I assume I am up on my fitness-level before I got a lazy butt.

I had to adjust my training plan a bit so I am now doing weight lifting on Fridays instead of Thursdays. 4 days of training in a row didn’t work out for me. I decided it would be better to rest on Thursday instead of Friday. I am capable of working out harder after one day off.

I’ll try to make a video of the Hot Iron course and maybe I’ll be able to take a camera for running as well so you can get an impression of what I am talking about when I write about my work outs.

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